Energy-saving lighting

  • Energy-saving lighting

LED lighting, already the lighting of the future. LED lighting delivers huge energy saving ,up to one third of the conventional lighting or lamps and much longer life-span, up to 50,000 hours. The luminous intensity is at least equal but on everage considerably higher compared to conventional lamps, LED lighting becomes barely warm. These features makes LED lighting ideal to apply. In virtually any environment LED lighting can be used. LED Lighting can be switched on and off unlimited ans is manufactured by us in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Anno 2013 LED lighting is a full replacement for 95% of the traditional lights in the most common types of industrial applications. LED lighting is applied increasingly in many other areas such as horticulture and street lighting.

BRIC Global Trading has her own production company in China where is produced based on the European level quality standards such as TUV, CE, UL and ROHS.

BRIC Global Trading has its own development and design department. This allows us to offer you a wide standard range of LED lighting, at an attractive price level but we are also able to meet each different customer's request.

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