LED Tube T12 Series (Mushroom Growing)

LED Tube T12 Series for use in Mushroom farming

  1. T12 LED tubes available in two different sizes, 1200mm, 1500mm & 1800 mm
  2. Agricultural LED lights 20W & 25W & 30W tubes for different agricultural applications.
  3. Waterproof LED tube make in full PC pipe with silicone ring. Resistant to several cleaning chemicals
  4. Dimmable LED tube 0-100% to simulate sunrise and sunset.
  5. Flickering Free LED light with PWM 0Hz output.
  6. LED farming light is certificated by SAA, CE, ROHS, IP67
ProductAgricultural LED Lighting
Power20W & 25W & 30W
LED DriverDimmable, 180-260Vac, 0Hz, Flicker free
DimDimming from 0-100%,Lighting brightness from 1 to 100%
DimensionT12 tube, OD32mm, Length 1200mm & 1500mm & 1800mm
CoverClear cover & Transparent cover
Beam Angle180 degree
Warranty3 years