Smart-control system Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Microwave sensor and driver integrated

3 or 2 step dimming control
Mounting height 2.5-10m

Energy-efficient with Motion Sensor

Wider detection area 25m Max

Micro-sensor Data

Option 1: 3 steps dim Lighting 100%-20%-0
Option 2: 2 steps dim Lighting 100%-20%
Microwave frequency: 5.8GHz+/-75MHzMicrowave frequency: 5.8GHz+/-75MHz
Detection Distance: 10m Max.Detection Distance: 10m Max.
Mounting height: 2.5-10mMounting height: 2.5-10m
Detection area: R(10)m,H(3m)Detection area: R(10)m,H(3m)
Detection angle: 150°Detection angle: 150°
Daylight threshold: NoDaylight threshold: No
Sensitivity Settings: NoSensitivity Settings: No
Hold time : 30sHold time : 30s
Standby dimming level: 20%Standby dimming level: 20%
3 steps dim Standby period: 1min3 steps dim Standby period: 1min